First impression
Slinex VR-16 is an individual outdoor panel with a unique design. Its main feature is a non-standard form. While conventional single-user panels have the "Tower" form factor, the VR-16 is radically different. This model looks much more solid and presentable, and it really appeals to the users who are looking for not just a functional device but also pay attention to a beautiful design. Moreover, VR-16 is almost the only device on the market that meets both of these requirements.

Where to use
The panel is perfect for installation in elite apartments or in office buildings. Regardless of the place of installation, this outdoor panel will serve as your reliable assistant.

The main features of the model
The main feature of the VR-16's outdoor panel is its design attractiveness. Strict forms, the metal body, and polycarbonate overlay of silvery-white color will immediately attract your attention. In addition, the panel has the highlighted call button.

Appearance and display
The VR-16 has a silvery-white anti-vandal body made of high-quality metal alloy. Protection class IP65 means you do not need to worry about the flaws in the panel's performance in heavy rains or snowfalls. It will also work fine in the heat and frost, since its operating temperature range is between -40 ° C and + 65 ° C.

The VR-16 has a built-in camera with a resolution of 800 TV lines, compared to the traditional resolution of 420 TVL in other devices. The lens of the camera is full-size with Sony color CCD matrix.

In the dark, the camera will not let you down thanks to infrared illumination (0,01 Lux). Its range is more than 1.5 meters, which will provide you with a quality image even if your visitor does not stand right in front of the camera.

Device compatibility with additional components
VR-15 is fully compatible with almost any 4-wire intercom regardless of the manufacturer.

Delivery set
The outdoor panel – 1 pc.
Flash mount bracket – 1 pc.
Set of mounting screws and dowels for installation – 1 set.
User's manual – 1 pc.

Brief guide for panel installation
1. Prepare a recess in the wall for panel mounting;
2. Fix the wall mount bracket from the set using the supplied hardware;
3. After connecting the required communication wires, fix the outdoor panel on the bracket with the help of the bolt on the lower edge.

Slinex VR-16 is a perfect outdoor panel for users interested in a functional device and the design that immediately stands out and catches your eye.

Full description Hide
Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution

800 TVL


101×180×28 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +65 °С


Backlight of the button


Device type
Individual outdoor panel
Type of sensor
1/3" CMOS
Night backlight
IR LED, up to 1.5 m
Minimal illumination
0,01 Lux
Body structure
Metal alloy + polycarbonate
All characteristics

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