First impression
Slinex МL-15HR is a classic individual outdoor panel in common form factor "Tower". Outwardly, it does not stand out, because all the most interesting and useful parts are placed inside. The device’s body is made of extra strong metal alloy presented in several colors.
Due to some features, which we will discuss further on, the ML-15HR is a unique outdoor panel in its price segment.

Where to use
Thanks to its exterior, the panel is very versatile in use. You can install it both in an office building at the entrance to the floor or cabinet or at the gate on the driveway to a private house. Regardless of the installation place, the panel will be a reliable assistant to your security and provide access control to the building.

The main features of the model
This model has several important distinctions from others. The first feature is the presence of a constant video signal. In most panels, photo/video recording starts when the call button is pressed or after the motion detecting function is activated. An ML-15HR has a special power wire for the camera within the panel, through which it can be powered from a separate power source and receive a video signal continuously. The presence of constant signal gives the opportunity to record video to other devices, for example DVR (Digital Video Recorder), without interruption. The recording will be performed regardless of whether the call was made from the panel.

Another distinguishing characteristic is a camera with an improved resolution. While camera resolution is typically 420 TV lines in the same price range with ML-15HR, this device has the feature of 800 TVL.

Appearance and camera
The panel has an impressive anti-vandal case of increased strength, made of a metal alloy. The protection class IP65 means the panel is not afraid of thundershower or snowfall. Dust will not be able to get into a device as well. The temperature fluctuation range is from -40° C to + 65° C. The quality of assembly, painting, and applied materials will pleasantly surprise you.

ML-15HR is presented in 3 different colors: black, gray, and copper. Each of them does not stand out too much and will perfectly fit into the interior or exterior of a building. The panel has small dimensions, namely: 134 x 50 x 30 mm.

This device is equipped with a modern color camera with a resolution 800 TV lines. The camera's viewing angle is 65º horizontally and 56 ° vertically, providing a wide coverage of a territory. The camera has IR illumination (minimum illumination 0.01 Lux) to ensure clear image even in the darkness. The range of illumination is 1,5 m.

Device compatibility with additional components
ML-15HR is fully compatible with almost any 4-wire intercoms.

Slinex ML-15HR is the ideal choice of a single-user outdoor panel with a high-resolution camera from the low-cost segment. It has unique features that qualitatively distinguish this panel among others.

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Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution

800 TVL


54×134×40 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +65 °С


• Backlight of the button
• Output of signal on the DVR for recording on motion


• Rain cover
• Angle


Type of sensor
1/3" CMOS
Night backlight
IR LED, up to 1.5 m
Minimal illumination
0,01 Lux
Body structure
Metal alloy
Protection class
All characteristics

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