First impression
The Slinex ML-20IP outdoor panel is a unique design of the Slinex team of professionals. The device combines functionality, a strict style, and ergonomic shapes. The body is made of high-quality metal alloy and has several color solutions.

ML-20IP is an absolute novelty because, in addition to the standard functions, it has some additional features. For example, you can control the device with the help of your smartphone or tablet without the obligatory connection to the intercom. You no longer need to hurry to the door at the sound of the doorbell; now you can unlock the door and let your guest in without even getting up from the sofa. You can open the door even if you are not at home.  

Where to use
The panel is suitable for use in absolutely any room; it can be an apartment, a country house, an office building, or any other facility. It will reliably provide the safety for you and your loved ones.

The main features of the model
Undoubtedly, the main feature is the possibility of call forwarding to a mobile device without the need to connect to the intercom. You can also establish a connection between your smartphone and the outdoor panel to view images from the built-in camera in an online mode at your phone. Using smartphone, you can remotely control the electromagnetic or electromechanical lock connected to the panel.

To use all the features of this panel on maximum, you need to download and install the free application "Slinex Cloud Call" on your mobile device.

Appearance and camera
The body is made of the reliable, strong metal and has a class of protection IP65. The permissible temperature operation regime is quite wide: from -40° C to + 65° C. You absolutely do not need to worry about the quality work of the panel during rains or frosts.

The device looks very modern and attractive. The model is presented in 3 color combinations: gold + black, gold + white, and silver + black, allowing you to choose the most suitable option to satisfy esthetic preferences.

The ML-20IP is equipped with a modern 1.0 MP IP camera. A wide-angle lens of 145 ° will provide you a full view of the territory for a complete control. When motion is detected, the panel will automatically take a photo of what is happening.
You do not have to worry that camera may fail you in the darkness or the image will turn out too vague or too dark. Infrared lighting enables high-quality shooting even at night.

Device compatibility with additional components
ML-20IP is fully compatible with almost any 4-wire intercom.

Delivery set
The outdoor panel – 1 pc.
Angel bracket – 1 pc.
Flat bracket – 1 pc.
Rain cover – 1 pc.
Bracket for flush mounting – 1 pc.
Power adapter – 1 pc.
External Wi-Fi antenna – 1 pc.
Set of mounting screws and dowels for installation – 1 set.
User's manual – 1 pc.

Brief guide for panel installation
1. Place the bracket in the location of the intended installation;
2. Drill the required number of holes in the wall (2 or 4);
3. Place the dowels from the set in the holes;
4. Fix the bracket with screws;
5. After connecting the required communication wires, fix the outdoor panel on the bracket with the help of the bolt on the lower edge.

Slinex ML-20IP is a model for those users who choose a device with powerful functionality and ultra-modern design. The panel has a set of completely new features that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Full description Hide
Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution



45×130×24 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +50 °С


• Mechanical IR cut filter
• Ethernet network connection
• Built-in Wi-Fi (external remote antenna)
• Receiving a call using aplication on smartphone
• Remote viewing from smartphone


• Touch call button
• Call button backlight
• Wide-angle lens


Type of sensor
1/4" CMOS
MicroSD card up to 32GB (8GB pre-installed)
Night backlight
IR LED, up to 1 m
Minimal illumination
0,01 Lux
Protection class
All characteristics

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