First acquaintance
Slinex MA-04 is an ultramodern outdoor panel for 4 apartments.

The main advantages of this panel are the availability of a built-in combined reader of contactless cards from EM-Marin and Mifare, and a camera with a color CMOS matrix and built-in infrared backlighting. This model combines stylish design and reliable functionality in one device.


Where it can be used
The Universal outdoor panel is suitable for installation in both townhouses and office buildings with a small number of rooms. The panel will also be a quite practical solution for gated suburban complexes and cottage communities.

The outdoor panel can be installed both outside and inside the building. There are special backlit nameplates on the body of the panel on which you can specify the number of apartment or office.

The device will favorably complement the modern exterior of the room and suit users' tastes. A compact body and strict form factor allow you to install the panel onto almost any object. The dimensions of the device are 110×185×34mm.

The panel is designed to be connected to 4-wire intercoms.

The temperature mode of the panel operation is in the range from -40° to+ 65˚ C.


Specifications of the model
The MA-04 outdoor panel can work simultaneously with several types of contactless cards from EM-Marin and Mifare, thanks to the built-in combined reader. The undeniable advantage of the panel is also the built-in color camera with a resolution of 960 TVL and a 138° angle.

In addition, the panel is equipped with a built-in IR-backlight range up to 1.5 m, which significantly improves visibility in the dark and guarantees the receipt of high-quality image and video on the internal monitor.


Appearance and camera
The outdoor panel is made of a high-quality metal alloy. The body of the device is made of brushed aluminum with an acrylic insert for the reader. The IP65 protection class testifies to the resistance of this panel to external atmospheric influences, such as heavy precipitation, sun and dust.

The outdoor panel is presented in one color solution – "silver", which is universal and matches most types of buildings.

High resolution of the MA-04 outdoor panel camera far exceeds abilities of most outdoor panels of other manufacturers.


Interoperability with additional devices
MA-04 is interoperable with any 4-wire intercoms. To increase a number of apartments in the system, it is recommended to connect the special MA-08 extension module for 8 apartments. Maximum possible number of apartments in the system is 20 apartments when connecting two MA-08 modules.


Slinex MA-04 is an advantageous combination of functionality and stylish design in one device. The panel makes access control as fast and comfortable as possible every day.

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Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution

960 TVL


110×185×34 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +65 °С


• Mechanical IR cut filter
• Wide-angle lens
• Nameplates backlight
• Support up to 2 MA-08 extensions (20 subscribers)


• Combined EM-Marin / MIFARE reader
• Supports both CVBS and AHD


Device type
Outdoor panel for 4 subscribers
Type of sensor
1/4" CMOS
Cards type
Memory capacity
248 user cards
Night backlight
IR LED, up to 1.5 m
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