All specifications of SM-07MHD are available here.


The Slinex SM-07MHD video intercom stands as a budget-friendly yet highly operational gadget featuring a spacious display and an external memory card slot, providing the capability to store photos and videos. Moreover, the device incorporates internal memory capable of holding up to 100 frames.


Given its compact dimensions, this video intercom is well-suited for implementation in various environments, including apartments and offices. Its timeless colors ensure a harmonious integration within any interior setting.


All specifications of ML-20HD are available here.


The Slinex ML-20HD presents an exceptional video camera equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor and an expansive 115° viewing angle, delivering both detailed and wide-ranging images. When combined with the elegant design of the ML-20 series, the panel transcends into a true masterpiece.


The Slinex ML-20HD outdoor panel doesn't just excel in functionality but exudes remarkable style as well. Encased in a metal alloy housing available in two color combinations, it features a polycarbonate overlay housing an LED backlit call button, adding a decorative flair to entrances of apartments, houses, or offices.


Distinguishing the ML-20HD panel are its continuous video signal capability, wide viewing angle, and high-resolution camera, setting it apart in uniqueness.

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Horizontal viewing angle

• Outdoor panel: 115˚

Camera resolution

2 Mp (AHD) / 1 Mp (AHD) / 960 TVL (CVBS)


• Video intercom: 7”, TFT screen 16:9


• Video intercom: 193×123×18 mm
• Outdoor panel: 45×130×24 mm


Screen resolution
Number of colors
• Video intercom: White
• Outdoor panel: Silver + black
MicroSD, up to 64GB
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