First impression
The Slinex SM-07MHD video intercom is an economical yet fully functional device that comes with a large screen and a slot for external memory cards, capable of storing photos and videos. The device also has an internal memory that can hold up to 100 frames.

Where to use
Due to its compact size, this video intercom is suitable for use in any facility, including apartments and offices. Its classical colors allow it to blend seamlessly with any interior.

The main features of the model
The SM-07MHD's memory is one of its most notable features, with both internal and external memory up to 64GB available for storing video and images. The device has touch control buttons marked with intuitive symbols located at the bottom of the body, and it also supports MP3 ringtones. Users can adjust the volume of the call and conversation, as well as the opening time of the lock, allowing visitors to take their time when opening the door.

Appearance and display
The intercom has a plastic body available in three colors: silver, graphite, and white. Its dimensions are 193×123×18 mm, and it requires wall-mount installation. The kit includes all the necessary components for installation.

The device comes with a 7-inch TFT display that produces high-quality color images with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

Device compatibility with additional components
The SM-07MHD is compatible with almost all analog outdoor panels that support AHD-H, TVI, CVI, and CVBS standards, as well as all analog surveillance cameras, regardless of the manufacturer.

Brief guide for intercom installation
1. Place the bracket in the location of the intended installation;
2. Drill the required number of holes in the wall (4);
3. Place the dowels from the set in the holes;
4. Fix the bracket with screws;
5. After connecting the required communication wires, fix the intercom on the bracket.

The Slinex SM-07MHD video intercom is an affordable and multifunctional device that provides all the necessary functions for efficient use. Its minimalistic design and calm colors make it a great fit for any interior.

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7”, TFT screen 16:9


193×123×18 mm


• Support for call panels and high-resolution cameras of standards AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI, with a resolution of up to 1080p (2 megapixel)
• Motion detection software
• Ability to turn off the backlight button
• Enable and disable sound for selecting menu items


• MP3 ringing tones
• Mode “Do not disturb”
• Three volume modes according to time


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
Support of microSD card up to 64GB
Power consumption
Up to 8W
All characteristics