Slinex Smart Call: a truly smart forwarding app

Slinex Smart Call is a completely new platform for forwarding calls from Slinex devices to mobile devices.



Over the years, we have been making our devices better step by step. This became possible thanks to thousands of users who give valuable feedback about video intercoms, outdoor panels, accessories and, of course, about software. All this has resulted in a development of the Slinex Smart Call.





Special attention was paid to the main functions for this type of applications. You are still able to receive incoming calls from visitors from the call panel and control the lock connected.

But in the new Slinex Smart Call, the exchange of information between you and the guest is protected by encryption, which completely eliminates the possibility of interception of the signal by third parties using any special equipment.



Photo of the guest

No more faceless notifications! The photo of the visitor appears on the smartphone screen as soon as he/she touches the call panel button before you accepted the call. Maybe you wouldn't want to communicate with this person right now. It's up to you!



Video stream resolution in the app

Slinex call panels are equipped with the best cameras that are used in video intercom systems today. You get a Full HD picture at any time of the day, not only on the screen of your intercom, but also in the application. Now the picture on your smartphone, without unnecessary manipulation of the settings, is reproduced by default in the best quality with a resolution of 1080p.




Simple authorization

Registering an account and getting started with your Slinex has now become even easier: just log in with your Apple ID or Google account and start taking calls on your smartphone.


Quick. Comfortable. Safe.




OTA firmware update

We release software updates for our devices with sufficient frequency and with the new application you will be able to receive them at maximum speed.

From now on - no archives, flash drives and other inconvenient things. All updates can be received “Over-the-air” (by air) and installed either personally or by selecting the auto-update function. Your Slinex will always be with the most recent version of the software installed.



Remote access to device memory

Now you will have stable access to your device's memory card. The intuitive interface will allow you to select the desired time period and get acquainted with all the events.



Event Log

In the new application we have implemented numerous requests from our users to make a convenient event log. Now you can go to the alerts section and see everything that happened at your door in chronological order.




Other important innovations of Slinex Smart Call

• Notification if the device has gone Offline. In case if Internet is gone at home or there is no power supply – the application will definitely notify you about that and will ask you to take an action.

 A list of devices with real photos of models. You will see the image of the exact device in the list when you will be adding it in the application. Now you won’t miss for sure!

 Renaming channels. Name any of the 4 channels as you wish: “Corridor”, “Gate”, “Exit to the courtyard”, “Foyer”, etc. Everything is for your convenience.

 Icon for quick access to the device. Do you have multiple Slinex devices in your app? Add the icon of access to the desired device separately to the desktop of your smartphone. One tap and the viewing mode is activated.

 Slinex device settings. Almost all parameters of your Slinex device can be set up from the Slinex Smart Call mobile application.


With the Slinex Smart Call application at the moment work Sonik 7 Cloud, Slinex SL-10N Cloud, Slinex SL-07N CloudSlinex SM-07N Cloud.




We are sure that our arguments are enough to convince you that Slinex Smart Call is a truly smart forwarding application