First impression
Slinex SL-07N Cloud body is made of the flawlessly smooth aluminum and glass offered in several color solutions. The most demanding users will find they are they looking for. The device has many positive aspects that make the user experience with it as pleasant and simple as possible.

The model has a 7-inch IPS screen for clear picture of what is happening on the street or indoors. SL-07N Cloud is very convenient to use because it can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and control the device through the application on your mobile phone, tablet, or a PC browser.


Forwarding a call to a smartphone
The SL-07N Cloud is equipped with standard Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi connectivity. You will be able to control the intercom without being at home, receive incoming calls and even open doors using your personal tablet or smartphone, where the Slinex Smart Call application is installed, provided you have an Internet connection.


Learn more about Slinex Smart Call – a truly smart forwarding app.

The main features of the model
With the SL-07N Cloud video intercom you can control the intercom while you are not at home, receive incoming calls, and open doors using your personal tablet or smartphone.  All you need to do is to install the Slinex Smart Call application that requires an Internet connection. You can also set up sending PUSH notifications or e-mails after motion detection and/or incoming calls. 

The system allows connecting two outdoor panels or two analog video cameras simultaneously. Both panels are powered by the intercom, but cameras require a separate power supply. The SL-07N Cloud is configured to automatically record all incoming calls. Thus, you will always be aware of who came to facility while you were away. You can view any video at any time in the archive using a PC / mobile / tablet. You can also choose your MP3 ringtone for each call panel separately.

Appearance and display
The video intercom The SL-07N Cloud, as a bright representative of the SL series, was developed with a peculiar attention to details and design. Its elegant body is made of polished aluminum and glass. No protruding buttons. All control elements are sensory. The blue backlight adds certain elegance to the intercom.

The SL-07N Cloud is designed for a wall-mount type of installation, while the integrated power supply will make it easy to install the device without any additional manipulations.

The color 7" IPS display has the excellent color rendering and an intuitive menu.

Device compatibility with additional components
The video intercom SL-07IPHD is fully compatible with almost any analogue outdoor panel supporting CVBS and AHD and cameras up to 2MP regardless of the manufacturer.

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7” color IPS screen 16:9


230×165×22 mm


• Call redirection to the Slinex Smart Call App
• Works with AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS doorbells / cameras up to 2MP
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Ethernet network connection
• A separate ringtone for each connected outdoor panel


• Software motion detection
• MP3 melody as a ring tone
• Mode “Do not disturb”
• 3 sound modes for different times of day
• Turn the sound on or off when selecting menu items


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
MicroSD card, up to 256GB
Power consumption
Up to 8 W
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