First impression
Slinex SM-07MN is an affordable video intercom system that offers full functionality with a large screen, making it an ideal solution for users. The device has an ultra-thin body available in three different colors, and features a slot for an external memory card, which is used to store photos and videos, in addition to the internal memory capable of storing 100 frames.

Where to use
Slinex SM-07MN is an affordable video intercom system that offers full functThe SM-07MN video intercom is versatile and can be used in any facility due to its compact size. It is suitable for both residential and office environments, and its classic colors enable it to blend in with any interior.

The main features of the model
The SM-07MN's memory is one of its standout features. It has an internal memory that can store up to 100 frames, and an external microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB for video recording. The device features touch buttons for control located at the bottom of the body and marked with intuitive pictograms. Users can choose one of 16 polyphonic ringtones recorded in the device and adjust the volume of the call and conversation. The SM-07MN also has the function of adjusting the opening time of the lock, which is very convenient for both visitors and users.

Appearance and display
The design of the intercom is noteworthy, as the device's body is made of plastic and available in three colors: silver, graphite, and white. The device is 193×123×18 mm in size and requires wall-mount installation, with all necessary elements included in the kit. The SM-07MN has a 7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, providing high-quality color images.

Device compatibility with additional components
The SM-07MN model is compatible with almost all analog outdoor panels that support PAL/NTSC standards, as well as all analog CCTV surveillance cameras regardless of the manufacturer. 

The SM-07MN video intercom is a versatile and budget-friendly device that offers all the necessary functions for efficient use. Its laconic design and calm colors make it a great addition to any interior.

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7”, IPS screen 16:9


193×123×18 mm


• A separate ringtone for each connected panel;
• Motion detection software;
• Ability to turn off the backlight button;
• Enable and disable sound for selecting menu items


• 12 polyphonic ringtones
• Adjustable time of lock opening
• Adjustable call and conversation volume


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
Support of microSD card up to 32GB
Power consumption
Up to 8W
All characteristics