All specifications of SQ-07MTHD are available here.


The cutting-edge SQ-07MTHD video intercom represents the mid-range category of monitors within the Slinex product lineup. What sets this model apart is its compatibility with three video signal formats - AHD, TVI, CVI. Paired with other modern intercom system components, this device ensures the necessary level of security and premises access control.


The "Picture-in-Picture" function of the SQ-07MTHD intercom supports connections for 2 calling panels and 2 additional cameras, streamlining video monitoring. As you view the calling panel feed, a compact window concurrently displays an extra camera, eliminating the need to switch channels.


The Slinex SQ-07MTHD significantly expands the capabilities of an intercom system by supporting connections for up to 2 call panels and 2 cameras. This proves particularly advantageous for office environments or when installing the device in a private residence.


All specifications of ML-20HD are available here.


The Slinex ML-20HD presents an exceptional video camera equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor and an expansive 115° viewing angle, delivering both detailed and wide-ranging images. When combined with the elegant design of the ML-20 series, the panel transcends into a true masterpiece.


The Slinex ML-20HD outdoor panel doesn't just excel in functionality but exudes remarkable style as well. Encased in a metal alloy housing available in two color combinations, it features a polycarbonate overlay housing an LED backlit call button, adding a decorative flair to entrances of apartments, houses, or offices.


Distinguishing the ML-20HD panel are its continuous video signal capability, wide viewing angle, and high-resolution camera, setting it apart in uniqueness.

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Horizontal viewing angle

• Outdoor panel: 115˚

Camera resolution

2 Mp (AHD) / 1 Mp (AHD) / 960 TVL (CVBS)


• Video intercom: 7”, color IPS with touch screen


• Video intercom: 197×127×20 mm
• Outdoor panel: 45×130×24 mm


Screen resolution
Number of colors
• Video intercom: White
• Outdoor panel: Silver + black
MicroSD, up to 64GB
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