Backup power for the intercom system | Slinex How to

How should you organize the operation of the intercom when there is no power supply? The answer is here.



We will tell you how to make sure that your intercom system continues to work and protect your home or office even when the power supply go out.


To provide power to the intercom system, you will need uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit with battery installed.


Recommended UPS characteristics:

• Battery capacity: 7Ah 

• Battery voltage: 12V 

• Output voltage: 12-14V, 1-3A


Recommended battery characteristics:

• Capacity: 7Ah

• Voltage: 12V

• Type of electrolyte: AGM


The intercom system, Slinex Sonik 7 and Slinex ML-17HD, will work on a single charge:

28 hours in standby mode;

18 hours of continuous video recording;

13 hours of talking to the visitor or watching video stream from cameras.


The intercom system, Slinex SL-10N Cloud and Slinex ML-17HD, will work on a single charge:

• 10 hours in standby mode;

• 6,2 hours of continuous video recording;

• 5,9 hours of talking to the visitor or watching video stream from cameras.




Step 1. Connecting the cable to the UPS.



Step 2. Connecting the intercom power cable.



Step 3. Connecting UPS to a 220V line.



Step 4. Connecting the outdoor panel to the video intercom.



Step 5. Connecting the power cable from the UPS to the intercom.



Step 6. Turning on the video intercom.



The intercom system is ready for use!