First acquaintance
The ultramodern video intercom SQ-07MTHD is a representative of the mid-price range of monitors in the Slinex product line. The uniqueness of this model lies in its support for three video signal formats – AHD, TVI, CVI. In conjunction with other components of a modern intercom system, the device provides the necessary level of security and access control to the premises.


You can connect 2 calling panels and 2 additional video cameras to the SQ-07MTHD, along with other Slinex video intercoms. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the "Picture-in-picture" functionality has significantly enhanced the convenience of video viewing. Presently, as you observe the video from the calling panel, a compact window emerges simultaneously, displaying the video from an extra camera (if it's linked). This permits you to supervise the area through a solitary screen, eliminating the necessity to toggle between channels.


Where to use
This Slinex SQ-07MTHD can significantly expand the capabilities of the intercom system by connecting up to 2 call panels and 2 cameras to it. This is very convenient if you are ordering a video intercom for an office or want to install the device in a private house. 


Appearance and display
The Slinex SQ-07MTHD – minimalistic design, supreme functionality. The intercom's distinctive feature is also its 7-inch high-resolution color IPS touch screen display. The front panel of the intercom is protected by glass instead of plastic which improves the quality of color reproduction and it becomes more pleasant to touch the screen.

The device dimensions are 230×165×22mm. The Slinex SQ-07MTHD is housed in a stylish case and is available in two color options – black and white. The model will be an elegant addition to any modern interior. The sensitive touch screen of the video intercom provides comfortable and intuitive control of its functions.


The main features of the model
The Slinex SQ-07MTHD allows you to record photos and videos from the call panel or camera to a microSD card with a capacity of up to 64GB, as well as configure motion detection on any of the selected devices.


A unique feature of this model is the software motion detection, which is easy to set up. To do this, you need to select the motion detection source, recording mode (photo or video), and detection area. Also, the display of on-screen notifications when motion is detected is available.


The SQ-07MTHD video intercom allows you to adjust user-controlled parameters such as "Do Not Disturb" mode, clock in standby mode, button backlighting off, and sound off. The user can set the volume level and duration of the call melody themselves.


Other notable features
• touch screen display;
• the front panel of the intercom is protected by glass;
• new graphical menu interface – Clarity UI;
• software and hardware motion detection;
• built-in power supply;
• stylish design.


The SQ-07MTHD model can be used in conjunction with other Slinex call panels and intercoms, as well as connect additional cameras to it.

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7”, color IPS with touch screen


197×127×20 mm


• Support for call panels and high-resolution cameras of standards AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI, with a resolution of up to 1080p (2 megapixel)
• MP3 ringing tones
• Software motion detection
• Call melody duration setting
• Photo frame
• Time display in standby mode
• Turn off button’s backlight


• "Picture-in-picture" function
• Three volume modes according to time
• Mode “Do not disturb”


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
Support of microSD card up to 64GB
Power consumption
Up to 7W
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