Sonik 7 Cloud is the latest addition to the SONIK series, featuring a unique incoming call redirection to the Slinex Smart Call mobile application. The device comes with two replaceable front panels in bright colors, which can be changed to match any interior style. With a touch screen and user-friendly interface, operating the Sonik 7 Cloud is easy and hassle-free.


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The style of your mood
The Slinex Sonik 7 Cloud comes with two front panels in bright colors that can be easily swapped to match your mood or interior decor. These bright colors perfectly complement the primary black and white color scheme, giving you a variety of style options.


Impressive sound
The Sonik 7 Cloud features two 2-watt speakers located in separate acoustic chambers, resulting in loud and full sound quality. The acoustic cameras also reduce noise, making the sound more all-encompassing.


MP3 ringtones
With the new speaker arrangement, the Sonik 7 Cloud provides excellent sound quality for MP3 ringtones, aimed towards the listener and not the wall. You can also use the video intercom as a full MP3 player.


New interface – simple and convenient
The Sonik 7 Cloud interface is simple and user-friendly, perfect for first-time video intercom users.


IPS touch screen
The IPS screen provides bright and saturated images in any light and at any angle. It transmits the entire RGB spectrum and has a viewing angle of up to 178° without blurring, even in direct sunlight.


Maximum versatility
The Sonik 7 Cloud supports AHD-H, TVI, CVI, and CVBS video standards and can connect to video cameras with proprietary protocols from other manufacturers. The intercom is compatible with almost all analog cameras and outdoor panels and can support up to three monitors with the intercom.


Your safety is important
The Sonik 7 Cloud has a software motion detector and supports the connection of hardware sensors, ensuring that your home is always safe. With this intercom, you can set up a complete surveillance system and keep track of everything happening outside your door.

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7”, IPS touch screen 16:9


176×133×20 mm


• Call redirection to the Slinex Smart Call App
• Two speakers in front
• Separate acoustic cameras for the speakers
• The option to independently change the color of the cover
• Ultra-thin bezels around the screen
• Works with AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS doorbells / cameras up to 2MP
• Ability to turn off the backlight button
• Turn the smart photo frame on or off
• Set MP3 melody as a ring tone


• Motion detection software
• Turn the sound on or off when selecting menu items
• 3 sound modes for different periods of the day
• 3-color LED event indicator


Screen resolution
Number of colors
16 million
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
External memory – microSD card up to 256GB
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