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The Slinex SL-10N Cloud video intercom is a full-fledged replacement for a DVR, featuring a quad, support for memory cards up to 256GB, and a built-in motion sensor. The SL-10N Cloud's 10" IPS touch screen enables you to view images from connected AHD or IP surveillance cameras. The elegant combination of glass and metal makes the SL-10N Cloud a stunning addition to any interior.


Where can I use
SL intercoms are a series of elegant devices designed for spaces where the appearance of the device is just as important as its functionality. This includes private residences, corporate offices, and regular apartments.


Forwarding a call to a smartphone
Aside from the standard Ethernet connection, the SL-10N Cloud features Wi-Fi connectivity. You can operate the intercom remotely, receive incoming calls, and even open doors via your personal tablet or smartphone with the Slinex Smart Call app installed, provided you have an Internet connection.


Learn more about Slinex Smart Call – a truly smart forwarding app.


Features of this model
The SL-10N Cloud is equipped with software motion detection. This means that if no one presses the call button on the panel but the sensor detects any movement in front of the cameras, the intercom will automatically start recording video. For broader coverage, you can connect up to 2 surveillance cameras and 2 call panels to your SL-10N Cloud. Motion recording will occur on all 4 channels simultaneously.


A significant feature of the video intercom is the ability to connect not only analog video cameras but also IP cameras. The video intercom can work with cameras and panels with a resolution of up to 2MP without any issues.


Connected panels and cameras form a complete video surveillance system, and you can view images from all four channels on the same screen in real-time thanks to the quad function.


Another distinctive feature of the SL-10N Cloud is the ability to adjust 3 call volume modes based on the time of day. You can set the quietest melody level at night, a louder volume in the morning, and the loudest volume in the evening to accurately hear the call, even if you have the TV on.


Set your favorite MP3 ringtone as a call signal. Additionally, you can adjust the duration of the ringtone playing and select a separate ringtone for each connected panel.


Another distinctive feature of the SL-10N Cloud is the ability to adjusTo capture photos and videos, the SL-10N Cloud has a memory card slot that can hold up to 256GB.


At first glance, the appearance of the SL line of devices is impressive, with a perfectly smooth surface and a pleasant gloss. The SL-10N Cloud model is available in two color combinations: Silver + Black and Silver + White. The device measures 304×190×24 mm.


The SL-10N Cloud features a 10" IPS display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels. The IPS screen displays the entire RGB spectrum, has a viewing angle of up to 178°, and does not produce glare even in direct sunlight. The image remains vivid and saturated in any light and at any angle. You can see the details of what's happening on the screen with precision.


Compatibility with additional devices
The SL-10N Cloud video intercom supports all current video signal standards, including AHD-H, TVI, CVI, and CVBS. As a result, it works with almost any analog call panel. The video intercom also supports the connection of hardware motion sensors for maximum protection.


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10” IPS touch screen 16:9


304×190×24 mm


• Call redirection to the Slinex Smart Call App
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Ethernet network connection
• Connection of IP and analog video cameras up to 2MP
• Supports doorbells with a resolution up to 2MP
• DVR with quadrator
• 4 channels software motion detection
• Remote access to on-line video stream and stored archive
• A separate ringtone for each connected panel


• MP3 melody as a ring tone
• 3 sound modes for different times of day


Screen resolution
1024×600 pixels
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
SD card, up to 256GB
Power consumption
Up to 21W
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