First impression
Slinex SL-07MHD is a more advanced model of the SL-07. The main difference from the previous intercom is the addition of the slot for an external memory card. This intercom belongs to the SL design line distinguished by the unique appearance. Smooth, polished aluminum and glossy glass will leave no one indifferent.

In addition to its appealing design, the intercom features the wide range of functionality, including software motion detection, "Do not disturb" mode, the clock displaying in the standby mode, disabling the intercom buttons illumination, and mute the confirmation sound of the buttons.

Where to use
The video intercom SL-07MHD is an ideal solution for apartments, offices of reputable companies that care about every detail, as well as for private houses.  With the help of this intercom, it is possible to build a real security and intercom system.


The main features of the model
The SL-07MHD model stands out for its motion detection software, which starts recording not only when the call button is pressed or manually activated, but also when motion is detected. This feature is particularly beneficial as it prevents unnecessary footage from filling up the device's memory and is especially useful in case of an unexpected visitor.


In addition, the SL-07MHD has other unique capabilities. It has an external memory slot that can support microSD cards up to 64GB, in addition to its internal memory that can store up to 100 frames. This expands the device's functionality and provides ample space for storing photos and videos of visitors.


This model is compatible with a variety of doorbells and cameras, including PAL/NTSC/AHD, TVI, and CVI (720p, 1080p) models.


To improve user convenience, the OSD menu allows customization of numerous settings such as "Do not disturb" mode, enabling/disabling clock display in standby mode, backlighting of intercom buttons, and muting confirmation sounds when buttons are pressed, among others.


Users can also set their favorite MP3 ringtone as their signal and choose from three sound modes for different times of the day - a quieter mode for the morning, a louder one for the evening, and almost noiseless for nighttime. Display settings, including brightness, contrast, and color saturation, can be adjusted for each connected camera. Door opening time can also be customized separately for each outdoor panel.

Appearance and display
The SL-07MHD appearance deserves a few words of admiration. The body of the device is made of the natural materials: aluminum and glass. Its smooth glossy surface immediately attracts the attention. Dimensions of the device are 230 x165 x 21 mm. Despite the small thickness, the intercom has a built-in power supply. The video intercom is controlled by touch buttons located on the sides of the screen.

SL-07MHD has a 7-inch IPS screen with excellent color rendering and a resolution of 1024×600.

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7”, IPS screen 16:9


230×165×22 mm


• PAL / NTSC / AHD, TVI, CVI (720p, 1080p) support
• Software motion detection
• “Do not disturb” mode
• Individual melody of call for each panel
• Adjustable time of opening the door for each panel


• MP3 melody as a ring tone
• 3 sound modes for different times of day
• Adjustable brightness, contrast, and saturation for each channel separately


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
External memory – microSD card up to 64GB
Power consumption
Up to 7W
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