Introducing the Slinex ML-30CRHD code panel which provides convenient premises access for a large number of people. The ML-30CRHD door station can be installed on the gates of residential complexes, at the entrance to the office, at gas stations, pharmacies, warehouses and other places where a secure entrance is required for a large number of people. 


Password entry and contactless card reader 

Assign up to 200 unique 4-digit combinations and up to 200 MIFARE proximity cards to the panel's internal memory. Thus, immediately 400 people will be able to safely open the door using a unique key or code. The keypad is touch-sensitive and backlit in the dark for visibility. The station is comfortable and easy to use. 



ML-30CRHD is equipped with a commercial grade 2-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 115°. The image on your video intercom will be detailed and clear, with a wide-angle allowing you to see not only the visitor but also the area adjacent to the door. 



The ML-30CRHD is made of metal and protected against moisture and dust according to the IP65 standard, therefore it can withstand rain, snow and sand storms. The modern design of the panel will delight tech connoisseurs and fashionistas alike. A minimalistic black case with touch buttons will decorate the facade of your home and office. 



The ML-30CRHD camera is equipped with IR illumination with a mechanical filter so that videos and photos will be visible even at night. When connecting the call panel for the first time, be sure to change the master password, which allows you to enter the engineering menu so that attackers cannot get inside. 



The Slinex ML-30CRHD call panel is compatible with virtually  all 4-wire intercoms. On the back of the panel is a video mode switch between AHD-H, AHD-M, and CVBS. Additionally, the ML-30CRHD has an integrated lock control unit, which allows you to connect electromechanical locks directly to the panel without additional power.

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Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution

• 1920×1080 (AHD-H)
• 1280×720 (AHD-M)
• 960 TVL (CVBS)


48×133×19 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +60 °С


Unique features
• Camera operation modes switcher (AHD-H, AHD-M, CVBS)
• Mechanical IR-cut filter
• Access control – MIFARE proximity cards or 4-digit code
Type of sensor
1/2.9” CMOS
Night backlight
IR LED, up to 1.5 m
Minimal illumination
0,01 Lux
Body structure
Metal alloy
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