First acquaintance

The Slinex MB outdoor panel is a cutting-edge device that delivers effective access control and communication with visitors. It features a chic and sophisticated design crafted from top-notch materials that guarantee robustness and resilience against diverse weather conditions.


Where it can be used

The Slinex MB outdoor panel is versatile and can be installed in different environments, including residential complexes, office buildings, and industrial facilities. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be mounted on walls or pillars.


Specifications of the model

One of the remarkable features of this series is the built-in reader that supports EM-Marin contactless cards, ensuring secure and monitored access to the premises. Its memory can store up to 1000 cards. Moreover, the model showcases a mechanical IR filter and infrared illumination that enhances visibility and image quality in dimly lit conditions, simplifying the identification of visitors during the day and at night.


Appearance and camera

The Slinex MB outdoor panel features a front panel made of stainless steel, granting it a modern and trendy appearance. The panel has a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The Full HD camera is positioned at the top of the panel, and it comes equipped with infrared illumination and a mechanical IR filter that provides crystal-clear visibility even in low-light conditions.


Interoperability with additional devices

The Slinex MB outdoor panels are compatible with any 4-wire intercoms.

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Horizontal viewing angle


Camera resolution

1920×1080 (AHD-H)


130×376×55 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +50 °С


Device type
Outdoor panel for 16 subscribers
Unique features
• Mechanical or magnetic locks, up to 2 A current
• Mechanical IR cut filter
• Wide-angle lens
• Nameplate backlight
Type of sensor
1/3" CMOS
Cards type
Memory capacity
1000 ID cards
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