We are pleased to present you a new product – IP converter Slinex XR-30IP!

Slinex XR-30IP is the unique module, using which you can get video/audio call from your usual outdoor video panel on your smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android! There are two variants of connecting adapter to the Internet: using an Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi (external antenna). Set up the device to work in both cases is very simple, thanks to affordable step-by-step explanation in the annex and illustrated examples.



After installing of the application and connecting this converter to the network, you can receive calls on your mobile device simultaneously with a call on the monitor. While receiving a call, you can watch video, talk to a visitor and, if desired, open the door (if electro-mechanical or electromagnetic lock is connected to the outdoor panel). In standby mode, you can view online video from the outdoor panel. While watching, you can record video to your mobile phone.


For more detailed information – see the user’s manual or call one of the dealers listed on the contact page.