Vandal-proof outdoor panel

Vandal-proof outdoor panel is used, first of all, to connect by the talk part of the panel between two users which are separated by the door of object under security, private house or office. It has higher wear-resistant surface from the scratching by the metallic subjects. The user that stays inside the room has a possibility to observe the surrounding in front of the outdoor panel by the help of built-in camera.



Main abilitiesof the vandal-proof materials:

Has a high wear-resistance surface from the scratching by the metallic subjects;

Do not light up;

Different decorative lines can be faced on the surface;

Has a high wear-resistance from the hits by the metal subjects;

The surface can be easily cleaned from any kind of dirt with a help of simple cleansers, and in special circum stances with a help of metallic scrapers (without leaving scratches on the surface);

The finger prints, scratches and dents are not left on the surface;

New materials have ability to stay in original appearance for a long time (structure, color);

Perfectly combines with the interior item – expand facilities of the architectures and designers that project interiors, furniture and equipment.