Slinex Sonik 10 Unboxing: Discover What's Inside the Flagship Intercom Package

Join us as we unbox the Slinex Sonik 10, the flagship intercom system that's taking home security to the next level.




In this video, we'll take a detailed look at everything included in the package, ensuring you know exactly what you're getting. Don't miss out on exploring the sleek design and advanced features of the Sonik 10 indoor monitor, along with its color panel, wall mounting bracket, and more. Whether you're installing it yourself or just curious about the latest in home security technology, this unboxing video has you covered. From the essential connection wires and mounting screws to the user manual, we'll guide you through each component, including a handy cloth for screen care, to get your Slinex Sonik 10 up and running smoothly. Stay tuned to see how this top-of-the-line intercom enhances home security and convenience.



• Sonik 10 indoor monitor − 1 pc.

• Color panel − 1 pc.

• Wall mounting bracket − 1 pc.

• Connection wires − 1 pkg.

• Mounting screws and anchors − 1 pkg.

• User manual − 1 pc.