Slinex Smart Call: an intelligent call forwarding app that goes above and beyond

Introducing Slinex Smart Call, the revolutionary platform that effortlessly links calls between your Slinex devices and mobile devices.



Say goodbye to communication barriers and experience the ultimate convenience in intercom communication. With Slinex Smart Call, you can enjoy seamless connectivity like never before. Stay connected, stay informed, and experience a new era of convenience with our groundbreaking platform.


Guest Photos
Instantly view the visitor's photo when they touch the call panel button, empowering you to decide whether to communicate with them. No more anonymous notifications. It's your choice!


Slinex Smart Call ensures you receive calls from visitors and control connected locks. Our advanced security measures guarantee encrypted communication, preventing signal interception by unauthorized parties.


High-quality Video Streaming
Slinex outdoor panels feature top-notch cameras for Full HD picture quality. Enjoy clear 1080p resolution on your smartphone without adjusting settings. Immersive video experience both on your intercom and in the app.


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