Slinex released a new eponymous app for mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems

The app allows you to connect to the camera in calling panel and/or a video camera, which operate in the single system with an IP intercom of SL- series. The user can remotely view the received videoimage file or a saved previously archive (photo and video), he also can connect or remove devices in the system, and change their settings. With this application, user can also talk to his visitor in real time and even open the door for him.



Earlier the users of Slinex interphone systems had to use third-party application MobileEyeDoor+, but now Slinex developers offer their customers a special branded application developed just for them. It is distinguished by an updated interface, as well as a high stability.


Compared with MobileEyeDoor+ Slinex app has a function of automatic converting of viewing image to the full-screen mode by changing the position of the mobile device to the horizontal, it also has improved remote viewing of saved archive of records, as well as increased usability of editing the settings and data of devices connected to the system. Developers have increased the operation speed of application and eliminated minor bugs that were present in the previous version. As a result of Slinex professionals’ work the app usage has become fast, convenient and enjoyable.


Slinex app is absolutely free, you can download it for iOS from the App Store and for Android by the links that are on the pages of the devices that support forwarding to the mobile application. The app will easy become an indispensable assistant for the remote control of your intercom system.