"Picture-in-picture" – сontrol everything around your home with Sonik 10

«Picture-in-picture» is one of the key features of the new Sonik 10. Why?




You can connect 2 call panels and 2 additional video cameras to Sonik 10, as well as to other Slinex video intercoms, but viewing videos from it has become much more convenient thanks to the "Picture-in-picture" feature.


Now, when viewing video from the call panel, a small window simultaneously displays video from an additional camera (if it is connected), so you can control the perimeter from one screen without having to switch between channels. Do you want to increase the video from "Camera 1"? Just double tap on the thumbnail and it will expand to full screen, and the video from "Call panel 1" will collapse into a small screen, which you can move to a convenient place for you on the big screen. And with one tap on the thumbnail you can remove the icons from the screen.


Sonik 10 – the intercom what it should be!