New video intercom Slinex-07IP for advanced buyers

Slinex Intercom line enriched with an innovative model Slinex SL-07IP. Video intercom with popular 7-inch screen has expanded functions and ability to connect to the Internet.



As SL-10IP, this intercom supports wired and Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, which provides intercom working in the network. Just for Slinex SL-10IP and SL-07IP specialists developed software, which helps users to watch video from outdoor panels and cameras (only SL-10IP) online and also, if you wish, open the door, using your PC, tablet or smartphone. This app you can download, install and setup, scanning QR-code on the back side of theintercom.


Two additional cameras and two outdoor panels can be connected to this device. Slinex SL-07IP can work intercom with all popular models Slinex: SL-10M, SL-10, SL-07T, SL-07, SQ-07M, SM-07M, SM-07, SM-04M, MS-04.


Modern video intercom Slinex SL-07IP records photos and video on micro SD card with capacity up to 32GB both automatically (pressing a button on the outdoor panel) and manually (pressing a button on the case). Archive of all records can be viewed remotely from your PC on the card or through web browser if connected internet is present.


External features worth noting, that SL-07IP model in the aluminum case under solid glass looks brilliant and attractive. These video intercoms are presented in white and black and silver color.


So, due to improved functions and appearance of new Slinex-07IP, usage of intercom system became even easier and enjoyable. Purchase innovative video intercom Slinex-07IP for your house, apartment or office today!