Slinex Cloud Call is a new call forwarding application for the mobile device.

Slinex Company has launched a new Slinex Cloud Call mobile application. It allows forwarding calls from Slinex intercoms to Android and iOS mobile devices. This application is compatible with all Slinex equipment issued after April 1, 2017.


Our team created the Slinex Cloud Call mobile application from scratch, taking into account a range of our clients’ preferences in the development stage of the Slinex Cloud Call mobile application. As a result, the application has a refined user interface, a compact menu, and a more straighforward and intuitive managing process of the application functions.

Main features of the application:
- Receiving incoming calls from visitors from the outdoor panel and opening the lock connected to it;
- Remote viewing of the photo/video archive;
- Access to the application settings;
- Guest access (the ability to grant access to equipment without additional settings).


There was an opportunity to synchronize the list of devices through the cloud, update the firmware of devices through a mobile application and independently configure the parameters of software motion detection.

The new application also has a significantly increased level of security of users’ data storing.

To integrate the work of the following models of Slinex devices: SL-10IPT, SL-10IP, SL-07IP, ML-20IP, and XR-30IP with the new Slinex Cloud Call application, you need to update the firmware.

You can check the compatibility of your equipment with the new application by e-mailing us at