New SL-07 now has memory for 100 frames!

SL-07 video intercom has internal memory at 100 pictures, but the price remained the same.



Now you can see, who came, when you weren’t at home, as intercom automatically takes photosduring incoming calls from outdoor panel.


Some changes happened to SL-07 appearance. But this still design intercom is recognizable due to aluminum inserts. After upgrading 7-inch intercom looks even better.


Firstly, the screen goes flush with the front panel of the intercom. Secondly, we keep up with the times, making the device convenient for mounting – we built thepower supply into intercom case. Now out of the intercom immediately goes power cord with 220 V plug, but thickness of the case decreased from 25 mm to 22 mm.


Due to these improvements, Slinex SL-07 got more ergonomic and functional.


Hurry to buy the updated Slinex SL-07!