How to use Slinex video intercom: outdoor panel and additional camera

Slinex video intercoms enhance security by allowing connection additional cameras.



Slinex video intercoms enhance security by allowing connection additional cameras.If you've ever used a video intercom, you may recall those moments when your visitor was out of the camera's view, especially if there were multiple visitors. As you answer the call, you simultaneously try to figure out who came to your door, how many people are there, whether their visit is safe, and why they came. To avoid such awkward and potentially dangerous situations, Slinex video intercoms offer the option to connect additional cameras.



With Slinex video intercoms, you can not only see the visitor from a convenient angle but also monitor the entire area around your fence, entrance door, elevator, and emergency exits – areas that may not be visible with just one outdoor panel camera. You can clearly see who is standing at your door and who is hiding around the corner. This feature elevates your intercom system to the level of professional surveillance systems, protecting you from unpleasant surprises and unnecessary conversations.


Moreover, there's no need for an additional surveillance system because Slinex intercoms can not only see but also record video from cameras and doorbell panels based on motion, schedule, or manually. With this, you always remain in safety and control of the situation behind your door.