Where can you install and use an intercom system?

An intercom system stands as a pivotal guardian of security, fortifying the protection of any property.



By offering seamless communication, controlled access, and enhanced visitor verification, it establishes a formidable shield against unauthorized entry and potential risks. In a world increasingly valuing safety, the indispensability of an intercom system transcends boundaries, ensuring a robust safeguard for all kinds of premises.




Enhance Security and Convenience with Parking Lot Intercom Systems. Call Concierge or Open Barrier Using Access Cards.


An intercom system can greatly enhance security and convenience in parking lots. Individuals can make use of the system to contact a concierge or attendant for assistance. Additionally, authorized personnel can easily access the parking area by using their access cards to remotely open the barrier gate through the intercom system.




Schools and Kindergartens

Improving Communication and Safety in Schools and Kindergartens through Intercom Systems.


Intercom systems play a vital role in schools and kindergartens by improving communication and safety. Staff can communicate with each other across different parts of the facility, ensuring efficient coordination. Visitors can announce their presence and state their purpose before being granted access, enhancing security measures and safeguarding the well-being of the students.


Interesting application case 

Maintaining oversight of those entering a building is consistently crucial, yet recognizing departing individuals holds equal significance. Incorporating an extra call panel within the premises, in lieu of a conventional exit button, serves as a solution. This arrangement empowers the monitoring of departures, allowing meticulous control over exit points.





Dentistry, Pharmacies, Clinics, Beauty salons, Notary public offices etc.

Streamlining Workflow and Enhancing Patient Experience in Healthcare Settings with Intercom Systems.


In healthcare settings like dentistry offices, pharmacies, and clinics, intercom systems are invaluable for maintaining a streamlined workflow. Patients can alert the staff of their arrival, reducing wait times and improving patient experience. An intercom system stands as the optimal method for access management. This enables proprietors to utilize the call panel camera and supplementary connected cameras to observe visitors, ascertain their intentions, and determine permission for entry.


Interesting application case – Late-Night Pharmacy

The staff can easily observe visitors via the video intercom display, allowing for inquiries about customer requirements without approaching the entrance. Customers can receive pharmacist consultations, place orders, and confirm the need for change. The intercom ensures minimal contact and time efficiency!






Apartments and Private Houses, Offices

Elevate Security and Communication in Residences and Offices using Intercom Systems.


Intercom systems provide enhanced security and convenience for residential and commercial spaces. In apartments and private houses, residents can identify visitors before granting them access, enhancing safety. For offices, intercoms facilitate efficient communication between different departments or floors. Delivery personnel can announce their arrival, ensuring packages reach the right recipients without disruptions.