Sonik 7 Cloud – even if you are not at home, you'll hear it

The Sonik 7 Cloud video intercom is the first representative of the SONIK series with the ability to forward incoming calls to the Slinex Smart Call mobile application.



The SONIK series has changed people's perception of video intercoms. The monitor is no longer used merely for seeing who is ringing the doorbell. It has evolved into a useful, full-featured multimedia device for viewing photos and videos, hearing your favorite music as a ringtone, and many more. It is high time to take action now!




Slinex Smart Call is a new call forwarding platform for smartphones

Sonik 7 Cloud is the first device that will work with a fundamentally new mobile application Slinex Smart Call, which was designed to simplify interacting with the functions of a video intercom from a smartphone and make it stable as possible.




Read more about the app in the article about the new Slinex Smart Call.



Adaptive design

The ability to change the color of the gadget depending on the mood is a common feature of all SONIK devices. The main unit colors of Sonik 7 cloud are black and white. You'll get two interchangeable panels regardless of which color you choose. This gives you an option of four distinct colors to express your personality and sense of style.




Juicy sound of your favorite songs

SONIK is all about great sound. The speakers in the line's devices are aimed at the listener rather than onto the wall, and they're housed in a special acoustic chamber to make the sound more voluminous and saturated. In most video door phones, just one speaker is fitted, which was pointed towards the wall, making the sound dull and fuzzy, similar to an outdated smartphones. The SONIK series devices put an end to the era of terrible intercom sound.


Sonik 7 Cloud allows you to choose one of 10 built-in ringtones or set your favorite mp3 song as a ringtone.




Clarity UI is a user-friendly interface

Sonik 7 Cloud's interface – Clarity UI, is built on the three-click rule. You'll only need three taps on the touch screen to access any of the SONIK devices' settings. The fastest screen reaction to your touch should be given special consideration. Everything happens at the speed of light, with no lag.




IPS screen

Like other SONIK devices, the Sonik 7 Cloud is equipped with a modern IPS screen. Its advantages are unchanged:


1. It displays the entire RGB color palette. The colors from the call panel will be displayed on the screen. There are no green faces and fuzzy details here. Only a well-balanced image.


2. Its viewing angle is 178°. Whether it's a tiny child or an adult, it doesn't matter who they are, their height, or the angle from which they are gazing at the screen. Sonik 7 Cloud can be put on either side of the door. Forget about the negative image. The video intercom now displays the image without distortion from any angle.


3. No glare. The image will be vivid even in direct sunlight because of the unique pixel layout. Are there rays of light on your monitor or bright lights in the hallway? No worries. You can immediately determine who is behind the door at any time of day and in any illumination.




Compatible with call panels and cameras

You can link two analog call panels and two analog video cameras to Sonik 7 Cloud at the same time for optimum control over the land adjacent to your flat or workplace. All modern call panels and cameras are supported by the video intercom, including AHD-H, CVI, TVI, and CVBS. Whatever analog camera or panel you purchase, it will function with Sonik 7 Cloud because the device supports automatic signal format detection.




Software motion detection

The video intercom permits the connection of external sensors and may programmatically record movement in front of cameras. You can easily configure automatic video recording when a moving object is detected in the Sonik 7 Cloud settings. As a result, Sonik 7 Cloud enables you to create a complete video surveillance system, ensuring your safety.


Other important and useful features of Sonik 7 Cloud:


Insert memory cards with up to 256GB of memory. Feel free to keep an extensive video archive of guests, upload any amount of music or photos.


Smart photo frame. Upload your favorite photos to the memory of the intercom to display on its screen in standby mode.


• The ability to control the backlight of the call panel button, as well as the sound level of the panel.


Switch cameras right during the call. If you have additional cameras installed, and the visitor seems suspicious to you, without dropping the call, you can check other zones and protect yourself.


Connect up to 3 Slinex devices together. Intercom communication will be a necessary aspect of your life if you live in a large apartment or house.


Even if you're not at home, you'll be able to hear Sonik 7 Cloud