Even brighter with the IPS screen

IPS is fairly new technology. It appeared in 1996 and was developed by two companies: Hitachi and NEC. The former called their technology IPS, the latter SFT. In fact, they are the same.




Before IPS, there was (and still is) a TN + film technology or simply TN. The crystals transmitting the image are arranged in such way that an additional layer (film) is applied to increase viewing angles.


IPS has introduced a completely new innovative technology of placing crystals on the screen. Thanks to this, viewing angles increased without additional layers, the colours are brighter and the contrast improved.


Initially, the problem with IPS screens was the significant delay in the response, so TN screens were still actively manufactured. Now the difference in response speed between the two technologies is minimized (1 ms versus 5 ms). Even the most demanding gamers, designers and just users choose IPS because of the excellent picture quality. IPS screens are installed on most smartphones.



IPS screens in video intercoms


Today video intercom is experiencing a surge in popularity. The intercom ceased to be a handset and a button for opening a door a long time ago. Today it is an advanced gadget with many useful functions, from remote door control using a smartphone to viewing a direct broadcast from an outdoor panel on which the camera has detected movement.


Having learned all the features of Slinex smart video intercoms, you will significantly improve the quality of your life.


We have already implemented AHD technology in analogue video intercom systems. Thanks to this, the outdoor panels transmit a high-definition image with a resolution of up to 2 Megapixels. But you will not see natural colours and large viewing angles on older versions of intercom screens.


IPS is the only available video intercom systems technology which transmits the image on the screen in virtually its original quality. You will see a bright and vibrant picture without distortion and glare.



Comparison of IPS screens of the Slinex video intercoms with old types of screens


1. Owners of video intercoms (and not only they) are familiar with the situation when a small child, due to his height, sees a faded and dull picture on the screen. He always looks at the screen from below, which means the image he sees is distorted.  In the case of video intercoms, the child simply will not see who is standing behind the door. IPS screens solve this problem thanks to large viewing angles (up to 178°). The image always remains bright and is not distorted from any side and any angle.  It doesn't matter on which side of the door the video intercom is installed.


2. Very often video intercoms are installed next to a light source.  It can be either a chandelier or a lamp in the corridor, or direct sunlight from a window. On the old versions of the screens, it is difficult to see the image in these conditions. There are no reflections on IPS screens, which means you will see a clear image in any type of light.


3. All 16.5 million colours are displayed on your IPS screen.  Today, IPS is the only technology that reproduces the entire RGB spectrum of colours. Therefore, the screen has the most natural colour reproduction and displays exactly what the camera on the outdoor panel transmits.


4. On the IPS screen of the video intercom, you can not only recognize the person but also see his facial expressions and understand his mood. The new displays deliver high definition detailed images.


5. In addition to the above, IPS screens are brighter and provide more contrast than TN screens. Although the latter has been around since the beginning of the 70s, they did not come up with a method to increase contrast.  IPS amazes the users with its image quality from the first moments of use.



An example of IPS screen images and an old screen version


Look at these images. They clearly show the difference between the new IPS screen and the old TN.



As you can see, the IPS screen transmits a brighter image, with greater contrast and a more detailed image.



IPS is an important step in the development of global video intercom systems


The quality of outdoor panel cameras is improving every day.  Today it is difficult to distinguish an analogue image in AHD quality from a digital image. What do we see in the marketplace? The market offers us seemingly large displays, but they still have picture tubes in them. And they were used in old TVs. As a rule, intercoms with TN screens don’t have the characteristics that Slinex offers. Besides, the quality of TN screen images leaves much to be desired.


Slinex creates video intercoms that combine all modern trends. We introduced IPS screens and set the pace for the development of the video intercom market internationally.


Models with new IPS screens are already available: Sonik 7SL-07IP, SL-10IPT and SQ-07MT HD.  If you compare the cost of these models with models with the old screens, you will not notice a significant increase in price. Despite the new technology, Slinex makes video intercoms readily available to you.





The new IPS screens bring many advantages to video intercom systems.  They significantly increase image quality, improve viewing angles and fundamentally differ in production technology from their predecessors.


If you have any questions regarding Slinex video intercoms with new screens, we will be happy to answer them. Send your emails to: feedback@slinex.com