Sonik 10 – a new video intercom with a large screen and great features!

Sonik 10 is the second Slinex video intercom in the SONIK line. The differences between the new product and Sonik 7, the first device in the line, can be divided into obvious (visible at first glance) and non-obvious (hidden inside and designed to simplify your life).



But let's start with the common features that are common to all devices in the SONIK line.


Sonik 10 is a full-fledged multimedia device designed not only to show who came to visit, but also to create a mood in your home! On the video intercom screen, you can view photos and videos, listen to music, and save your favorite photos to a photo frame. For the first time, SONIK devices allow their owners to adjust the appearance of the video door phone to their mood or interior with the help of bright replaceable front panels.




The appearance of SONIK devices deserves special attention. The case material is a pleasant to the touch high-quality plastic, which, together with a glossy front panel, at the bottom of which there is a removable decorative panel (more on it below), make the SONIK devices the most noticeable and suitable for any interior.



What's new in Sonik 10 compared to Sonik 7?


The first obvious difference and indisputable advantage of the new product is its IPS touch screen with a diagonal of 10".


With the increased size, the Sonik 10 screen retains all the advantages of its younger brother: it is bright and contrasting, has a viewing angle of 178°, and transmits the entire spectrum of RGB colors. With the increased screen diagonal, the dimensions of the device also increased – the width is 248 mm, the height is 177 mm, but the device remained as thin as possible – only 21 mm, excluding the bracket.



Answering machine and Voice guidance for opening the door


Sonik 10 not only boasts a voice mail function (answering machine) and the ability to choose a male or female voice option, but also allows you to record the answer yourself. And the guest now has the opportunity to leave a voice message that you can listen to at a convenient time.


Also, Sonik 10 will please you with a new feature – "Voice guidance for opening the door". Now each opening can be accompanied by the words "the Door is open", or any other.






You can connect 2 call panels and 2 additional video cameras to Sonik 10, as well as to other Slinex video intercoms, but viewing videos from it has become much more convenient thanks to the "Picture-in-picture" function. Now, when viewing video from the call panel, a small window simultaneously displays video from an additional camera (if it is connected), so you can control the perimeter from one screen without having to switch between channels. Do you want to increase the video from "Camera 1"? Just double tap on the thumbnail and it will expand to full screen, and the video from "Call panel 1" will collapse into a small screen, which you can move to a convenient place for you on the big screen. And with one tap on the thumbnail you can remove the icons from the screen.




Address intercom and Separate relay on the monitor


You can connect up to 3 monitors to the intercom to the Sonik 10 and make a general call to all subscribers, or make a call to one specific subscriber.


Sonik 10 is equipped with a convenient control system for the executive device. For example, you can connect the gate opening relay and, when talking to a visitor through the panel, you will be able to open the lock separately on both the wicket and the gate.




Replaceable front panels in bright colors



A common feature of all devices in the SONIK line is the ability to change the color of the device depending on your mood and preferences. The monitor has two main unit colors: black or white. No matter which color you choose, you also receive 2 changeable panels. With the black video intercom, you'll find panels in rose gold and marsala. With the white – gold sand and silver. This gives you a choice of 4 unique colors which will certainly show your personality and sense of style.



mp3 player with two speakers on your wall


For the first time ever, two powerful two-watt loudspeakers are installed in the video intercom – they are located under the front panel. In video intercoms typically only one speaker is installed, and it faces the wall, which deadens the sound and makes it unclear. With the new SONIK line, the speakers output to the front of the unit, pointing toward the listener, and are housed in a special acoustic chamber, making the volume voluminous and saturated. The Sonik 10 allows you to choose from 10 built-in ringtones or to choose your favorite mp3 ringtone to emphasize your musical taste. You can also listen to downloaded tracks using the built-in mp3 player. You won't miss an incoming call, and your guests will be delighted by the sound of your video intercom.



Favorite pictures in a photo frame


Sonik 10 not only lets you view the archive of photos that the camera takes, but also upload your own. Want to display an important moment in your life on a video intercom? It is enough to copy one or more pictures to the SD card and enable the mode in the settings. Images will change in the slideshow mode, the duration of which can be adjusted to save energy or left on continually. In addition, the chic photos, combined with the unique Sonik 10 coloring, will further enhance your style.




Motion detection and security


It seems like Sonik 10 is just a stylish multimedia video intercom. But it's not that simple. This is a device that helps protect your home. It can be connected at the same time to 2 call panels and 2 video cameras for better observation of the surrounding space. The video intercom is able to programmatically record movement in front of the cameras, and also supports the connection of external sensors. In the Sonik 10 settings, you can easily adjust the detection zone, its sensitivity, the alarm sound and automatic video recording when a moving object is detected. The Sonik 10 allows you to build a complete video surveillance system, thus ensuring your safety.




Other useful features


The Sonik 10 embodies Slinex's years of experience. In addition to the innovations, it is equipped with many other useful features. Here are some of them:


• Support for call panels and cameras using contemporary standards: AHD-H, CVI, TVI and CVBS. Whichever analog camera you buy, it will work in tandem with Sonik 10.

• Automatic detection of the input signal format. For the camera or the call panel to work, it is not necessary to spend time adjusting the video intercom. Just plug it in and Sonik 10 itself will determine the type of signal.

• Switch cameras directly during a call. If you have additional cameras installed, and the visitor seems suspicious, you can check other areas and secure yourself without ending the call.

• Insert memory cards with up to 64 GB of memory. With this memory, you can keep a video archive of your visitors, download a large amount of music or photos without worrying that you will run out of space.

• Connect up to 3 Slinex devices. If you have a large apartment or house, intercom communication will be an integral part of your life. Talk to someone who is at the other end of the building as if he were standing near you.


Get to know Sonik 10 more closely.