Intercom Systems: An Integral Component of Building Security

Within the realm of home security, the foundation lies in the harmonious integration of distinct components: video surveillance, alarm systems, and intercoms.



Each facet stands as an essential pillar, collectively fortifying the safeguarding of the premises. The synergy among these systems is invaluable, eliminating the need for direct competition. Video surveillance diligently monitors activities, alarm systems swiftly respond to breaches, and intercoms facilitate immediate communication. Together, they establish a seamless network, ensuring a comprehensive and unyielding shield of protection for the home.



In case of break-in


1) The alarm system will be the first to signal this.


Please note that the alarm system functions exclusively when the residence is unoccupied. When individuals are present at home, the alarm remains inactive, which implies it won't signal any potential intrusion.



2) Ceiling-mounted video cameras will provide insight into the number and appearance of individuals who breach the premises' boundaries.


Note: when an individual is present at home, there won't be constant monitoring of the surveillance camera footage. Additionally, accessing the video feed requires connection to the DVR or logging into the dedicated mobile application.




3) The outdoor panel installed at the face level will help to get more information to identify the intruder.


This will be facilitated by the wide viewing angle of the camera, vandal-proof housing and other advantages of Slinex panels.



Every element functions as a crucial support, working together to enhance the security of the property. The cooperation between these systems is of immense value, negating any requirement for direct rivalry. Video monitoring meticulously observes actions, intrusion alarms rapidly react to breaches, and intercoms enable instant communication. In unity, they establish a flawless web, guaranteeing a thorough and unwavering shield of defense for the residence.